Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Simplicity And Landscapes

One of my aims this summer was to improve on two aspects of photography, my landscape shots, and my simple shots. As I've said earlier, the macro lens is easily my favourite, as it achieves so much detail. I think this is why I've found it more difficult to take simple shots, without so much intricate detail, as I've always preferred these type of shots. This can also be said about my landscape shots, as the depth of field is very deep, compared to a shallow one on the very close up macros.

This is one of my landscape shots from Mallorca, it was such beautiful scenery that I thought it would be the perfect time to practice. I also didn't have to edit this image, as the natural lighting was perfect, and the colours look really rich, so the main development happened through the composition.

There were also plenty of opportunities to practice more simplistic shots in Mallorca too, and above is one of my favourite. The main focus about this image is the colour, as they are bold, and contrasting (the blue and orange). Having contrasting colours in an image makes them more vivid, so I think this helps the photo come to life more.

I've had plenty of time over the summer to take more shots in these two styles, and it has been quite been different to my usual style of photography, though it has been enjoyable. Here are a few more of my simplistic shots, that are also featured on my Instagram. At the top of my blog, theres a grid of my latest Instagram photos, feel free to have a look. Thanks for reading!

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